Being a parent is hard.

It’s really f*cking hard. These days women have to hold down a career, bring home the bacon, keep a well organised, well dusted, well hoovered house and raise their children in a rounded, loving, nurturing home environment whilst ensuring limited screen time, that everyone eats a balanced diet, gets their five a day and eats nothing processed, that the kids play with only educational, preferably wooden, non gender specific toys, while still finding the time to ensure they stay on top of root touch ups, eyebrow shaping and waxing!

But there are some women who do this every single day, without fail and without help! I’ve had a little taste of the single mum life recently and I have to say I’m exhausted. My lovely Mr is working away at the moment, so it’s just me and the little man from Sunday to Friday every week. I’ve got to say I am feeling the pressure of every meal, every drop off, every pick up, every bath, bed time story and cuddle, every tear, every problem, every upset, every nightmare, every nappy!!

So this has lead me to assume a couple of things. Firstly that single mums who have had time to wash their hair, pluck their eyebrows or put on clothes that vaguely go together are doing way better than me and need to share with the world how the f*ck they get that sh*t done, cos I’ve been at this sole care giver thing for a month now and still look like a hobo caught in headlights. Secondly, I have deduced (all be it, reluctantly!) that my long suffering partner in crime actually does more around the house than I give him credit for (I mean, I’m having to take out my own bins right now – rank!)

Of course, all that being said, the little munchkin could not give a monkeys if my clothes match or my hair is brushed, I put that pressure on myself, he’s just happy that I’m here. And I love spending time with him of course, it’s actually been a bit lush to have him to myself and I guess we have got into a little routine which is what must happen to other sole parents, but I do feel that responsibility on me like a weight, that it’s all down to me. Perhaps that gets easier the longer you do it for? Who knows, only time will tell that for us I guess,

But to all the mums and dads, doing it alone, independently raising small humans and still finding the time to brush their own teeth, I salute you.