So, I haven’t written in ages, mainly because I’m busy working and raising a small person so the family time I do get is precious and not normally spent in front of a screen. That being said I’m always on the look out for new, fun and interesting things to do with the family at the weekends. There’s only so many times you can go to soft play without screaming. Am I right? Or is that just me?

Anyway, we’ve just moved to Exeter, beautiful city with lots going on for kids and adults alike. But, it’s rare that you find something for kids and adults at the same time! Which is why when we stumbled across Big Fish Little Fish family friendly rave events we were so excited to try it out. These events are basically mini raves for the 90’s generation who’ve now grown up and had kids and who desperately miss going out and ‘avin’ it large (as we used to say back then!) Ok, so maybe the “desperately miss going out” bit is a little strong, but having spent our teens and twenties in bars, raves and clubs without a care in the world, that is often how myself and my Mr feel about our now non existent social life.

For a very acceptable £7.50 each Big Fish Little Fish boasted resident DJ’s from the Hacienda playing actual grown up music that isn’t about twinkling stars, bus wheels going round or incy bloody wincy spiders, a fully licensed bar, as well as a host of entertaining things to keep the kids amused. “Finally!” I exclaimed to the other half “we can have it all, we can be fun cool parents who actually go out and take the baby with us!”

So, that’s what we did.

Now, before we got there I had visions of a cafe del mar kind of scene. Me, drink in hand, my man, drink in hand, gently swaying to some laid back summer house vibes while the angel I gave birth to is quietly amusing himself, sitting still, doing some colouring or something. In reality, it was like a four hour cardio session just with alcohol and a banging soundtrack.

Unfairly, that makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy myself which could not be further from the truth, I had an absolute ball! It’s just that other people’s kids seem to like to dance in the amazing bubble machine, glitter cannons and oversized balloon strewn dance floor. Perhaps they will sit at the well stocked craft table or play doh station and make a masterpiece, take part in baby yoga, get their face painted, get in the ball pit, crawl through the tunnel in the chill out area or even play dress up in the awesome complimentary photo booth! Not my kid. Oh no. Mine decided to act like we’d never let him see daylight before. Like some sort of ferrel child, unable to contain his excitement he ran and ran and ran, occasionally stopping to pick up a ballon, shout “Look!” at something he’d seen or demand a carton of juice. So of course, I ran after him. The whole time. I’ve honestly never been so tired, that kid is fast!

That being said, I can’t blame him, there was so much for him to do, explore and see. The dance floor was a sensory overload and the whole event culminated in an amazing parachute dance. If you’ve got a child under about age 12 then you definitely need to try this! I’ll be going back to their next local event in November and this time I’ll be bringing lots more people with me to try it out.

(oh and I’ll be getting the train so I can have a drink! 😂)

Thanks Big Fish Little Fish for an awesome afternoon.