So I realised today that it’s been 4 months since I updated my blog! From writing every week to a 4 month gap! What happened?

Well, for starters I went back to work full time. Seems that being a full time mummy and a full time employee don’t really go together and to top it off if you actually want to see your child and live in a house that’s at least slightly cleaner than a toilet, there is little to no time for “hobbies”

Thay being said we’ve also had a lot of change and upheaval to deal with. Seth has a new nursery, my partner and I both have new jobs and we’ve all moved 130 miles away from the place we all called home and the people we called friends. While I’m on the subject, moving house with a baby is not that much fun! If you ever do it get ready to be stressed. My handy hint would be to pack snacks and lots of them!

Anyway, the point of my post is to say sorry for being gone for so long really. Now that we’re settled and I have a little more time back I’ll be thinking up new blogging ideas and documenting my journey with my little man again.

ps he’s not that little any more